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DoDAAC (Dept. of Defense Activity Address Code) is a unique six-position, alphanumeric string that uniquely identifies departments, locations, units, and so on within the military. This identifier serves the same purpose as a company

Element information

Type: IDType

Properties: Global, Qualified, Nillable, ID: oagis-id-cc3b7f5aca544d76aa4eee89fff535ce



Name Occ Type Description Notes
schemeID [0..1] xsd:normalizedString The identification of the identifier scheme from type IDType_D995CD
schemeVersionID [0..1] xsd:normalizedString The identifier scheme version identifier from type IDType_D995CD
schemeAgencyID [0..1] clm63055D08B_AgencyIdentificationContentType The identifier scheme Agency identifier from type IDType_D995CD

Used in

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