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Is used by agents in the payment chain to define the instrument and/or processing conditions that will be used to execute the payment.

Element information

Type: CreditTransferCodeType

Properties: Global, Qualified, Nillable, ID: oagis-id-dd43cfe40dc14e07b9399d795b68659e


  • Union of:
    • Type based on xsd:token
      • Valid value Description
        CASH Cash management transfer.
        CORT Payment made in settlement of a trade
        DIVI Dividend.
        GOVT Government payment.
        HEDG Hedging
        INTC Intra-company payment
        INTE Interest
        LOAN Loan. Transfer of loan to borrower.
        PENS Pension payment
        SALA Salary payment
        SECU Securities.
        SSBE Social security benefit. Payment made by government to support individuals.
        SUPP Supplier payment
        TAXS Tax payment
        TRAD Trade.
        TREA Treasury payment
        VATX Value added Tax payment
    • xsd:token
  • Attributes

    Name Occ Type Description Notes
    listID [0..1] xsd:normalizedString The identification of a list of codes
    listAgencyID [0..1] clm63055D08B_AgencyIdentificationContentType The identification of the agency that manages the code list
    listVersionID [0..1] xsd:normalizedString The identification of the version of the list of codes

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