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The ChangeReceiveDelivery may be used to Change the receiver's internal receiving and order management business applications to indicate that the requested material has arrived, including any unexpected quantity, condition or other exception discrepancies.

There are many other possible business applications in several environments that may use this capability.  For example:
1. A Purchasing application may use this BOD to notify an Accounts Payable application of a specific delivery.  This will enable the Accounts Payable application to accurately calculate the amount it needs to pay a business partner.

2. A Purchasing application could use this to notify a MRP, Inventory, or Manufacturing business application that a delivery has occurred and the goods are available for use or inspection, etc.

3. An MRP/Inventory system could use this BSR to communicate changes on a physical receipt in inventory to the Purchasing system.

The ChangeReceiveDelivery supports receipts at either the line item level and/or the ship unit level.  Intermediate transportation/logistics providers or freight forwarding partners can use this document to acknowledge the receipt of entire shipping units without detailing the corresponding contents.

Element information

Type: ChangeReceiveDeliveryType

Properties: Global, Qualified, ID: oagis-id-7c5144ab4f7d4a948de478ef8840674d



Name Occ Type Description Notes
releaseID [1..1] NormalizedStringType OAGIS Release this BOD Instances belongs or the OAGIS release that the derivative work is based on. from type BusinessObjectDocumentType
versionID [0..1] NormalizedStringType Indicates the version of the given BOD definition. from type BusinessObjectDocumentType
systemEnvironmentCode [0..1] SystemEnvironmentCodeContentType Indicates whether this BOD is being sent in a "Test" or a "Production" mode. If the BOD is being sent in a test mode, it's information should not affect the business operation. However, if the BOD is sent in "Production" mode it is assumed that all test has been complete and the contents of the BOD are to affect the operation of the receiving business application(s). Default value is "Production". from type BusinessObjectDocumentType
languageCode [0..1] LanguageCodeContentType Indicates the language that the contents of the BOD is in unless otherwise stated. Default value is "en-US". from type BusinessObjectDocumentType

Sample instance

<ChangeReceiveDelivery releaseID="normalizedString">
         <!--any element-->
            <!--any element-->

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