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The language used in the corresponding text string

Attribute information

Namespace: None

Schema document: Common.xsd

Other attributes with the same name: languageCode, languageCode, languageCode, languageCode

Type: clm56392A20081107_LanguageCodeContentType

Properties: Local, Unqualified, ID: oagis-id-42e59d799de147b8ab49c8a27ec85ff1

CCTS properties:

  • Cardinality: 0..1
  • Dictionary Entry Name: Name. Language. Code
  • Definition: The language used in the corresponding text string
  • Property Term Name: Language
  • Representation Term Name: Code
  • Data Type Term Name: Name
  • Supplementary Component Value Domain: TrueISO63922008-11-075False


  • xsd:normalizedString
  • Used in

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