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All geometry elements are derived directly or indirectly from this abstract supertype. A geometry element may have an identifying attribute (gml:id), one or more names (elements identifier and name) and a description (elements description and descriptionReference) . It may be associated with a spatial reference system (attribute group gml:SRSReferenceGroup).
The following rules shall be adhered to:
-	Every geometry type shall derive from this abstract type.
-	Every geometry element (i.e. an element of a geometry type) shall be directly or indirectly in the substitution group of AbstractGeometry.

Complex type information



gml:id [1..1]xsd:IDThe attribute gml:id supports provision of a handle for the XML element representing a GML Object. Its use is mandatory for all GML objects. It is of XML type ID, so is constrained to be unique in the XML document within which it occurs.from type gml:AbstractGMLType
srsName [0..1]xsd:anyURIfrom group gml:SRSReferenceGroup
srsDimension [0..1]xsd:positiveIntegerfrom group gml:SRSReferenceGroup
axisLabels [0..1]gml:NCNameListfrom group gml:SRSInformationGroup
uomLabels [0..1]gml:NCNameListfrom group gml:SRSInformationGroup

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