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A curve segment defines a homogeneous segment of a curve.
The attributes numDerivativesAtStart, numDerivativesAtEnd and numDerivativesInterior specify the type of continuity as specified in ISO 19107:2003,
The AbstractCurveSegment element is the abstract head of the substituition group for all curve segment elements, i.e. continuous segments of the same interpolation mechanism.
All curve segments shall have an attribute interpolation with type gml:CurveInterpolationType specifying the curve interpolation mechanism used for this segment. This mechanism uses the control points and control parameters to determine the position of this curve segment.

Element information

Type: gml:AbstractCurveSegmentType

Properties: Global, Qualified, Abstract



numDerivativesAtStart [0..1]xsd:integerDefault value is "0".
numDerivativesAtEnd [0..1]xsd:integerDefault value is "0".
numDerivativeInterior [0..1]xsd:integerDefault value is "0".

Used in

Substitution hierarchy