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 gml:timeInterval conforms to ISO 11404 which is based on floating point values for temporal length.
ISO 11404 syntax specifies the use of a positiveInteger together with appropriate values for radix and factor. The resolution of the time interval is to one radix ^(-factor) of the specified time unit.
The value of the unit is either selected from the units for time intervals from ISO 31-1:1992, or is another suitable unit.  The encoding is defined for GML in gml:TimeUnitType. The second component of this union type provides a method for indicating time units other than the six standard units given in the enumeration.

Element information

Type: gml:TimeIntervalLengthType

Properties: Global, Qualified


  • xsd:decimal
  • Attributes

    unit [1..1]gml:TimeUnitType
    radix [0..1]xsd:positiveInteger
    factor [0..1]xsd:integer

    Used in

    Sample instance

    <gml:timeInterval unit="year">1.0</gml:timeInterval>

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