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A data type for Level 1 facility usage codes.

Simple type information


  • Type based on xsd:token
    • Valid valueDescription
      11-11 00 00Assembly Facility - Facilities where large groups of individuals can gather and assemble for commercial, entertainment, educational, and other purposes.
      11-12 00 00Education Facility - Facilities designed for instruction of students and research accompanying higher education.
      11-13 00 00Public Service Facility - Facilities for use typically by governmental or nonprofit organizations for various types of public service and functions, including but not limited to military facilities, police and fire stations, courthouses, and capitol buildings
      11-14 00 00Cultural Facility - Facilities used for programs or activities focused on the arts, personal beliefs or other activities focused on personal growth and reflection.
      11-15 00 00Recreation Facility - Facilities for the pursuit of indoor or outdoor recreation or sports.
      11-16 00 00Housing Facility - Facilities used for long-term inhabitation and dwelling by humans.
      11-17 00 00Retail Facility - Facility that provides a method for display, sale and purchase of goods and services.
      11-21 00 00Health Care Facility - Facilities used to house equipment and personnel for the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease, illness, injury, and other physical and mental impairments in humans.
      11-23 00 00Hospitality Facility - Facilities that provide service or entertainment to customers.
      11-25 00 00Lodging Facility - Facilities that provide temporary lodging to customers.
      11-27 00 00Office Facility - Facilities used for the administration of a business, service or other work related activity.
      11-29 00 00Research Facility - A facility used for the exploration, review, investigation, testing and development of a specific topic or item.
      11-35 00 00Production Facility - Facilities for the creation, repair, or maintenance of items of value.
      11-37 00 00Storage Facility - Facilities for the housing of goods.
      11-41 00 00Water Infrastructure Facility - Facilities and structures for the production, management and distribution of water utilities.
      11-43 00 00Waste Infrastructure Facility - Facilities and structures supporting the infrastructure for the removal, treatment, and disposal of waste.
      11-44 00 00Information Infrastructure Facility - Facilities and structures for the management and distribution of information utilities, including but not limited to internet, cable television, and telephone service.
      11-51 00 00Transportation Facility - Terminals, stations, and routes for the movement of people and goods from one location to another by a variety of means.
      11-90 00 00Mixed-Use Facility - A facility developed to support multiple functions without being clearing defined by, or designed for one specific use.
      11-95 00 00Land - Land without a major dedicated structure on it, both improved and unimproved.
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