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A list of person name element types, e.g. First Name, Last Name, Title, etc.

Simple type information


  • Type based on xsd:normalizedString
    • Valid valueDescription
      PrecedingTitleHis Excellency, Honorable, etc.
      TitleA title signifies some sort of status, such as Mr, Miss, Ms (marriage status), or education such as Professor, PhD, Dr, etc.
      FirstNameThe most important name element by which this particular individual is identified in the group. E.g. John, Sam, Brian for Anglo-Saxon cultures.
      MiddleNameName elements related to additional identification of the individual, such as names are parents or places.
      LastNameName element that identifies the group the individual belongs to and is identified by, such as Last Name, Surname, Family Name, etc.
      OtherNameAny other additional names that are not directly used to identify or call the individual, such as names of ancestors, saints, etc.
      AliasA simple nick name that is commonly used as part of the name. E.g. a fancy kick-boxer can be commonly known as Bill "Storm" Bababoons, where "Storm" is obviously an alias.
      GenerationIdentifierJunior, Senior, The Second, IV, etc.
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