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Party Name as on the document if different from the main one.

Element information

Type: n:PartyNameType

Properties: Local, Qualified



n:PartyNameID [0..1]ct:StringA unique identifier of a party
n:PartyNameIDType [0..1]n:PartyNameIDTypeListType of Party Name ID
n:ID [0..1]ct:StringGlobally unique identifier
n:Usage [0..1]n:PartyNameUsageListTye of use of this data. e.g. data exchange, contact, update, create
n:Status [0..1]ct:StatusListStatus of the entity. e.g. Old, Current, Inactive, Active, etc
n:JointNameConnector [0..1]n:JointNameConnectorListThe connector used to join more than one person name. Example: Mr Hunt AND Mrs Clark, where AND is the JointNameConnector. The flow is from the preceding to the following. If there is more than 2 names then all names are connected using this connector in the natural order.
ct:DateValidFrom [0..1]xsd:dateTimeCould be start date, issue date, validity start date, etcfrom group ct:grValidityDate
ct:DateValidTo [0..1]xsd:dateTimeCould be end date, expiry date, validity end date, etcfrom group ct:grValidityDate
n:NameKey [0..1]ct:StringA primary key to reference Party Name.from group n:grNameKey
n:NameKeyRef [0..1]ct:StringA foreign key to reference attribute Key of Party Name.from group n:grNameKey
xlink1:type [0..1]Anonymous
xlink1:label [0..1]xsd:NCName
xlink1:href [0..1]xsd:anyURI
ct:DataQualityType [0..1]ct:DataQualityTypeListThis attribute indicates what level of trust can be given to the parent element. Omit this attribute if the data quality is unknown. If the data quality is known, the value is "Valid, else "InValid"from group ct:grDataQuality
ct:ValidFrom [0..1]xsd:dateTimeDate the data quality is valid from from group ct:grDataQuality
ct:ValidTo [0..1]xsd:dateTimeDate the data quality is valid tofrom group ct:grDataQuality
ct:LanguageCode [0..1]xsd:languageHuman Language used. e.g. "en", "en-US", "en-AUS", etcfrom group ct:grLanguageCode
Any attribute[0..*]Namespace: ##other, Process Contents: lax

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