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Details of Locality which is a named densiliy populated area  (a place) such as town, village, suburb, etc. A locality composes of many individual addresses.  Many localities exist in an administrative area or a sub adminisrative area. A locality can also have sub localities. For example, a municipality locality can have many villages associated with it which are sub localities. Example: Tamil Nadu State, Erode District, Bhavani Taluk, Paruvachi Village is a valid address in India. Tamil Nadu is the Administrative Area, Erode is the sub admin area, Bhavani is the locality, and Paruvachi is the sub locality

Element information

Type: Anonymous

Properties: Local, Qualified



a:Type [0..1]a:LocalityTypeListType of locality. e.g. suburb, area, zone, village, etc
ct:DataQualityType [0..1]ct:DataQualityTypeListThis attribute indicates what level of trust can be given to the parent element. Omit this attribute if the data quality is unknown. If the data quality is known, the value is "Valid, else "InValid"from group ct:grDataQuality
ct:ValidFrom [0..1]xsd:dateTimeDate the data quality is valid from from group ct:grDataQuality
ct:ValidTo [0..1]xsd:dateTimeDate the data quality is valid tofrom group ct:grDataQuality
Any attribute[0..*]Namespace: ##other, Process Contents: lax

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