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To associate metadata described by any XML Schema with a GML object, a property element shall be defined whose content model is derived by extension from gml:AbstractMetadataPropertyType. 
The value of such a property shall be metadata. The content model of such a property type, i.e. the metadata application schema shall be specified by the GML Application Schema.
By default, this abstract property type does not imply any ownership of the metadata. The owns attribute of gml:OwnershipAttributeGroup may be used on a metadata property element instance to assert ownership of the metadata. 
If metadata following the conceptual model of ISO 19115 is to be encoded in a GML document, the corresponding Implementation Specification specified in ISO/TS 19139 shall be used to encode the metadata information.

Complex type information

Properties: Abstract



owns [0..1]xsd:booleanDefault value is "false". from group gml:OwnershipAttributeGroup

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