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gml:ParameterValueGroup is a group of related parameter values. The same group can be repeated more than once in a Conversion, Transformation, or higher level ParameterValueGroup, if those instances contain different values of one or more parameterValues which suitably distinquish among those groups. This concrete complex type can be used for operation methods without using an Application Schema that defines operation-method-specialized element names and contents. This complex type may be used, extended, or restricted for well-known operation methods, especially for methods with only one instance.
The parameterValue elements are an unordered set of composition association roles to the parameter values and groups of values included in this group.

Element information




Used in

Substitution hierarchy

Sample instance

         <gml:value uom="">1.0</gml:value>
      <gml:OperationParameterGroup gml:id="ID">
         <gml:identifier codeSpace="">string</gml:identifier>

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