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gml:EnvelopeWithTimePeriod is provided for envelopes that include a temporal extent. It adds two time position properties, gml:beginPosition and gml:endPosition, which describe the extent of a time-envelope.  
Since gml:EnvelopeWithTimePeriod is assigned to the substitution group headed by gml:Envelope, it may be used whenever gml:Envelope is valid.

Element information

Type: gml:EnvelopeWithTimePeriodType

Properties: Global, Qualified



srsName [0..1]xsd:anyURIfrom group gml:SRSReferenceGroup
srsDimension [0..1]xsd:positiveIntegerfrom group gml:SRSReferenceGroup
axisLabels [0..1]gml:NCNameListfrom group gml:SRSInformationGroup
uomLabels [0..1]gml:NCNameListfrom group gml:SRSInformationGroup
frame [0..1]xsd:anyURIDefault value is "#ISO-8601".

Used in

Substitution hierarchy

Sample instance

   <gml:lowerCorner>1.0 1.0</gml:lowerCorner>
   <gml:upperCorner>1.0 1.0</gml:upperCorner>

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