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A clothoid, or Cornu's spiral, is plane curve whose curvature is a fixed function of its length.
refLocation, startParameter, endParameter and scaleFactor have the same meaning as specified in ISO 19107:2003, 6.4.22.
interpolation is fixed as "clothoid".
The content model follows the general pattern for the encoding of curve segments.

Element information

Type: gml:ClothoidType

Properties: Global, Qualified



numDerivativesAtStart [0..1]xsd:integerDefault value is "0". from type gml:AbstractCurveSegmentType
numDerivativesAtEnd [0..1]xsd:integerDefault value is "0". from type gml:AbstractCurveSegmentType
numDerivativeInterior [0..1]xsd:integerDefault value is "0". from type gml:AbstractCurveSegmentType
interpolation [0..1]gml:CurveInterpolationTypeFixed value is "clothoid".

Used in

Substitution hierarchy

Sample instance

         <gml:location>1.0 1.0</gml:location>
         <gml:refDirection>1.0 1.0</gml:refDirection>

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