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A base unit is a unit of measure that cannot be derived by combination of other base units within a particular system of units.  For example, in the SI system of units, the base units are metre, kilogram, second, Ampere, Kelvin, mole, and candela, for the physical quantity types length, mass, time interval, electric current, thermodynamic temperature, amount of substance and luminous intensity, respectively.
gml:BaseUnit extends generic gml:UnitDefinition with the property gml:unitsSystem, which carries a reference to the units system to which this base unit is asserted to belong.  

Element information

Type: gml:BaseUnitType

Properties: Global, Qualified



gml:id [1..1]xsd:IDfrom type gml:DefinitionBaseType

Used in

Substitution hierarchy

Sample instance

<gml:BaseUnit gml:id="ID">
      <gml:GenericMetaData>Any text, intermingled with:
         <!--any element-->
   <gml:identifier codeSpace="">string</gml:identifier>

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