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gml:AbstractCoordinateSystem is a coordinate system (CS) is the non-repeating sequence of coordinate system axes that spans a given coordinate space. A CS is derived from a set of mathematical rules for specifying how coordinates in a given space are to be assigned to points. The coordinate values in a coordinate tuple shall be recorded in the order in which the coordinate system axes associations are recorded. This abstract complex type shall not be used, extended, or restricted, in an Application Schema, to define a concrete subtype with a meaning equivalent to a concrete subtype specified in this document.

Element information

Type: gml:AbstractCoordinateSystemType

Properties: Global, Qualified, Abstract



gml:id [1..1]xsd:IDfrom type gml:DefinitionBaseType
aggregationType [0..1]gml:AggregationTypefrom group gml:AggregationAttributeGroup

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