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A data type for information that further qualifies primary data; data about data.

Complex type information


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NIEM Properties:


  • Sequence [1..1]
    1. nc:CommentText [0..*]A remark, explanation, or observation.
    2. nc:DistributionText [0..*]Allowable recipients of information; dissemination statement or instructions.
    3. nc:EffectiveDate [0..1]A date that information take effect.
    4. nc:ExpirationDate [0..1]A date after which information is no longer valid.
    5. nc:LastUpdatedDate [0..1]A date information was last modified.
    6. nc:LastVerifiedDate [0..1]A date information was last checked for accuracy.
    7. nc:ProbabilityNumeric [0..1]A decimal value that indicates computed likelihood that what the content is true or accurate. This value is based on a calculation of probability of occurrence or truth.
    8. nc:QualityCommentText [0..1]A remark, explanation, or observation regarding the accuracy or trustworthiness of the information.
    9. nc:QualityValidityCode [0..1]A likelihood that the information is accurate or trustworthy.
    10. nc:ReportedDate [0..1]A date information was observed, measured, identified, or became known.
    11. nc:ReportingOrganizationText [0..1]A name, identifier, or reference of an organization that provided the information.
    12. nc:SourceIDText [0..1]A number or string set by a data provider so that information that is sent can be retraced back to its source.


s:id [0..1]xsd:IDfrom type s:MetadataType

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