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Reference to the object that is considered the same. Used to connect XML elements from the Structured Payload to XML elements in the Digest, when the Structured Payload builds upon the contents of the Digest.  Sometimes referred to as an up-pointing reference.

Element information


Schema document: library/3.1/library.xsd

Type: lexslib:ReferenceType

Properties: Global, Qualified

NIEM Properties:


  • Empty content


s:id [0..1]xsd:IDThe id attribute is used to define XML IDs for NIEM objects. These IDs may be targets of reference elements, metadata attributes, and link metadata attributes.
lexslib:ref [1..1]xsd:NCNameReference to an object. Used to point to an object that is located beyond the scope of XML Schema validation mechanisms.
s:linkMetadata [0..1]xsd:IDREFSThe linkMetadata attribute allows an element to point to metadata that affects the relationship between the context and the value of the object.

Sample instance

<lexslib:SameAsDigestReference lexslib:ref="Arrest1"/>