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Top-level element for the definition of a column set.

Element information

Type: gc:ColumnSetDocument

Properties: Global, Qualified



DatatypeLibrary [0..1]xsd:anyURIURI which uniquely identifies the default datatype library for the column set. If not provided, defaults to the URI for W3C XML Schema datatypes.Default value is "". from group gc:DefaultDatatypeLibrary
xml:base [0..1]xsd:anyURIBase URL which applies to relative location URIs.

Sample instance

         <html:p>This is an example based on a UBL code list. It is <html:strong>not
                    </html:strong>an official UBL document.</html:p>
      <LongName xml:lang="en">UBL Code List Column Set (Example)</LongName>
      <LocationUri> 2.0/cl/gc/default/UBLColumnSet.gc
   <Column Id="code" Use="required">
      <Data Type="normalizedString"/>
   <Column Id="name" Use="optional">
      <Data Type="string"/>
   <Column Id="numericcode" Use="optional">
      <Data Type="string"/>
   <Key Id="codeKey">
      <ColumnRef Ref="code"/>

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