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The method by which the option premium was quoted.

Element information


Schema document: fpml-fx-5-5.xsd

Other elements with the same name: fpml:quoteBasis

Type: fpml:PremiumQuoteBasisEnum

Properties: Local, Qualified


  • Type based on xsd:token
    • Valid valueDescription
      PercentageOfCallCurrencyAmountPremium is quoted as a percentage of the callCurrencyAmount.
      PercentageOfPutCurrencyAmountPremium is quoted as a percentage of the putCurrencyAmount.
      CallCurrencyPerPutCurrencyPremium is quoted in the call currency as a percentage of the put currency.
      PutCurrencyPerCallCurrencyPremium is quoted in the put currency as a percentage of the call currency.
      ExplicitPremium is quoted as an explicit amount.
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