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Element information

Type: fpml:ClearingEligibility

Properties: Global, Qualified



fpmlVersion [1..1]AnonymousIndicate which version of the FpML Schema an FpML message adheres to.from group fpml:VersionAttributes.atts
expectedBuild [0..1]xsd:positiveIntegerThis optional attribute can be supplied by a message creator in an FpML instance to specify which build number of the schema was used to define the message when it was generated.from group fpml:VersionAttributes.atts
actualBuild [0..1]xsd:positiveIntegerThe specific build number of this schema version. This attribute is not included in an instance document. Instead, it is supplied by the XML parser when the document is validated against the FpML schema and indicates the build number of the schema file. Every time FpML publishes a change to the schema, validation rules, or examples within a version (e.g., version 4.2) the actual build number is incremented. If no changes have been made between releases within a version (i.e. from Trial Recommendation to Recommendation) the actual build number stays the same.Fixed value is "8". from group fpml:VersionAttributes.atts

Sample instance

<clearingEligibility                     fpmlVersion="5-5"
                     xsi:schemaLocation=" ../../fpml-main-5-5.xsd ../../xmldsig-core-schema.xsd">
      <messageId messageIdScheme="">000456</messageId>
      <inReplyTo messageIdScheme="">R00ABC1</inReplyTo>
   <correlationId correlationIdScheme="">TRD0001</correlationId>
      <partyReference href="sef"/>
      <tradeId tradeIdScheme="">SEF01</tradeId>
   <party id="sef">
      <partyId partyIdScheme="">SEFCO</partyId>
   <party id="clearer">
      <partyId partyIdScheme="">LCHLGB2LXXX</partyId>
   <party id="party1">
      <partyId partyIdScheme="">DEUTDEFFXXX</partyId>

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