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 DCterms XML Schema XML Schema for
      namespace Created 2008-02-11 Created by Tim Cole ( Tom Habing
      ( Jane Hunter ( Pete Johnston (, Carl
      Lagoze ( This schema declares XML elements for the DC elements and DC
      element refinements from the namespace. It reuses the complexType
      dc:SimpleLiteral, imported from the dc.xsd schema, which permits simple element content, and
      makes the xml:lang attribute available. This complexType permits the derivation of other
      complexTypes which would permit child elements. XML elements corresponding to DC elements are
      declared as substitutable for the abstract element dc:any, and XML elements corresponding to
      DC element refinements are defined as substitutable for the base elements which they refine.
      This means that the default type for all XML elements (i.e. corresponding to all DC elements
      and element refinements) is dc:SimpleLiteral. Encoding schemes are defined as complexTypes
      which are restrictions of the dc:SimpleLiteral complexType. These complexTypes restrict values
      to an appropriates syntax or format using data typing, regular expressions, or enumerated
      lists. In order to specify one of these encodings an xsi:type attribute must be used in the
      instance document. Also, note that one shortcoming of this approach is that any type can be
      applied to any of the elements or refinements. There is no convenient way to restrict types to
      specific elements using this approach. Changes in 2008-02-11 version: Add element declarations
      corresponding to 15 new dcterms URIs, and amend use of substitutionGroups. Add compexType
      definitions corresponding to ISO639-3, RFC4646. 

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File path: dcterms.xsd

Properties: Element Form Default: qualified, Attribute Form Default: unqualified

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